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A black female correctional officer goes from neck-deep in debt to millionaire status.

After 15 years working in the Supreme Court justice system in New York, 44-yearold Rene, bursts into tears at her life – she had nothing to show for it.
Despite earning over $100,000 annually, she was deeply in debt, mentally drained, and emotionally in distressed. Well, until a social gathering and her fortunes changed in a twinkle.

Rene :

After speaking to a friend of mine about some business ideas I had and my inability to fund them, he told me about Wes from Life Designers. He explained to me how they’ve changed the lives of people who wanted to expand and grow financially. Since this is something I was in dire need of, I was also in tremendous debt, and that also being a service Life Designers provide, I decided to give Wes a call.
I started explaining what I’ve been going through financially due to failed attempts at bad investments, which put me in a lot of debt. To my surprise, I found myself sobbing uncontrollably because I’ve never spoken out loud about it. I’m so used to just pushing through life and suffering in silence regardless of the obstacles, that hearing myself speak of what I was going through out loud made me emotional. I was in a bad mental space at that time, and I remember feeling embarrassed about breaking down like that.
But there was something about Wes’ energy that made me feel comfortable enough to open about my financial woes. I had so many plans and ideas that I wanted to bring to fruition, but I wasn’t unable to fund any of my endeavors. The most frustrating part was that I had to start backwards because again, I was in tremendous debt at the time. Before I decided to use Life Designers’ services, I took some time to pay down credit cards, which built up my credit score so that I can try to get loans on my own because “Hey, anyone can do this”, so I thought.
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Later that year after unavailing efforts to get loans on my own, I called Wes to figure out a plan to secure a healthy financial future. I had only enough to fund a trucking company, an opportunity that fell in my lap that summer. After speaking with Wes, we figured out the best way to fund all my endeavors which included expanding my short-term rental business.
He commenced to strategize the best ways to obtain these loans. After many frustrating years, of being rejected by loan companies, banks, credit unions, you name it, we were able to secure loans totaling 5 times the amount I expected! I felt like I was on top of the world and unstoppable! I’ve even used their services for my business portfolio! By the first week, I secured 2 business credit lines, one being Amex Business! All of this (including the personal loans) was accomplished within a month!
I used a chunk of the funds to invest with Life Designers, as well as a down payment on a truck for the trucking company, and plan on using a bulk of it for real estate investing and expanding on my short-term rentals. Aside from the financial aspect of the services they provide, Life Designers literally help you all around, whether it’s mentally or even emotionally.
They’re genuinely interested in improving your overall wellbeing, especially your mindset. I feel like I’m now a part of an amazing, resourceful network of phenomenal people who will be there for the long haul. I truly look forward to the future because I know with Life Designers, the opportunities of growth are endless!
I got my credit designed and my life transformed after passing through the Life Designers’ “Life beyond Just Living Experience.” It was an eye-opening journey into wealth and more.
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Life Designers is a lifestyle transformation company that helps thousands of people bridge the gap between their finances and their intended life. Life is not only about survival; it goes beyond just living.
Getting your life designed should be a strategy employed by all human beings who have a desired dream life to live. In 2.2 seconds, you too can experience life beyond just living.
The Life Beyond Just Living Program is for anyone looking for a change, an opportunity to live their dream life.
See what is possible for you, call us 239.280.5554 |

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newspaper companies in florida

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