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Boil Water Notice Issued for Fort Myers Residents Following Water Main Break

By WesPointOfView
Residents of the Fort Myers area are being advised to boil their water following a significant water main break that has disrupted the local water supply. The break, which occurred on Treeline, has prompted immediate action from the City of Fort Myers as repair efforts are currently underway.
The City has issued an urgent Boil Water Notice to all affected areas, emphasizing the importance of taking precautionary measures until the issue is fully resolved. This notice applies broadly, impacting not only residential homes in the surrounding vicinity but also public facilities. As a result, water fountains in the affected area should not be used for the time being.
Specifically, the City advises that all water intended for drinking, cooking, making ice, brushing teeth, or washing dishes should be boiled. This precautionary boil should last for at least one minute to ensure the water is free of any potential contaminants that may have entered the supply due to the break.
The City of Fort Myers is working diligently to repair the water main break and restore normal water service as quickly as possible. In the meantime, residents are urged to follow the Boil Water Notice guidelines to protect their health and safety.
Updates on the repair progress and any changes to the Boil Water Notice will be communicated by the City. Residents are encouraged to stay informed and adhere to all advisories until the notice is officially lifted.

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