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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DC Networking Presents “Wind Down” Quarterly Event Featuring Keynote Speaker Rashad Shelton

By Kingdom Press News
Fort Myers, Florida – January 23, 2024 – DC Networking is thrilled to announce the upcoming “Wind Down” Quarterly event on January 30th at 6pm. Hosted at the prestigious PEYKO Venue located at 4224 Cleveland Avenue, Fort Myers, this event promises to be an evening of inspiration, connection, and valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs.
The highlight of the evening will be the renowned business analyst, manager, and West Point graduate, Rashad Shelton, who will take center stage as the host and keynote speaker. With his wealth of experience and expertise, Rashad will enlighten the audience with his captivating presentation on “How to have your business life create your dream life.”
Aspiring entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts will have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge from Rashad’s transformative strategies, which have helped countless individuals turn their professional dreams into reality. From building successful startups to achieving work-life balance, Rashad Shelton will share practical tips and actionable advice to empower attendees in their entrepreneurial journey.
“Our ‘Wind Down’ Quarterly event series aims to bring together like-minded individuals in our community to network, learn, and grow together,” said Joseph Simmons, President of DC Networking. “We are thrilled to have Rashad Shelton as our keynote speaker. His accomplishments and expertise make him the perfect person to guide and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to reach new heights.”
The event will feature an engaging panel discussion with successful local entrepreneurs, offering attendees the chance to delve deeper into the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship. Networking opportunities will also be abundant, allowing guests to connect with fellow professionals, form valuable partnerships, and expand their business networks.
Tickets for the “Wind Down” Quarterly event are available for purchase on the DC Networking website at Early bird tickets are priced at $20, while general admission tickets will be available for $25. Limited spaces are available, so early booking is encouraged to secure a seat at this exclusive event.
Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from Rashad Shelton and connect with a dynamic community of aspiring entrepreneurs. Join DC Networking’s “Wind Down” Quarterly event on January 30th at PEYKO Venue in Fort Myers, Florida. Be prepared to be inspired, motivated, and equipped with the tools to make your business life create your dream life.
Kingdom Press News
Media Contact:
Name: Wes Moussignac
Company: DC Networking
Phone: (239)955-3897

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