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We are in the age where many of the services we were used to are no longer becoming  available, such as using a phone and speaking to an actual person without having to press 65 buttons, pleasant cashiers at your favorite grocery store bagging your purchases, mailing checks to pay for your bills instead of having to do it on line, reading the local newspaper while drinking your coffee at the breakfast table, well, you get where I’m coming from.
One place there is no shortage of assistance is found at any VFW.  They have an outstanding DAV program which has a reputation that should make any one feel good about contributing to their cause.  Their charity score is 100% which earns them a 4 star rating.  The breakdown is 85% Accountability and Finance, 10% Leadership and Adaptability, 5% Culture and Community.
Not only does the DAV empower the Veterans who suffered disabilities due to military service to lead high quality lives with respect, it assists them by having DAV Benefit experts available across the entire country. These experts help Veterans get their benefits and provide counseling on claims appeals all at no cost to the Veteran.
Also, in 1987, when the Federal “Government terminated the program which had helped many Veterans pay for their transportation to the various VA clinics and hospitals, the DAV stepped in. They operate a fleet of vehicles throughout the country to provide free transportation to the medical facilities for injured and ill Veterans. Because of the DAV’s assistance, 3,618 vehicles have been donated along with 248 from the Ford Motor Company. The total cost for this program runs into 91 million dollars.
Here at our VFW Post 4174 in Lehigh Acres, we have a special collection box for donations and are always seeing someone dropping in a few dollars. We also have raffles on occasion to raise funds to keep our mission going strong. After all, our Veterans have done so much for us, we should be honored to thank them in any way.
If you’re interested in the program, call us at 239-369-5100 and ask to speak with a DAV rep. If one’s not available at the moment, leaving your number will guarantee a return call. The DAV is here to stay. Pick up the phone….you’ll be glad you did!

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newspaper companies in florida

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