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Imagine, For A Second, That You Never Have To Worry About Money Problems Again


How long do you need to achieve your dream life?

My name is Wes Moussignac, founder of The Kingdom Press and I had to ask the above question because we all have money issues, but others are financially free. Is your 9 to 5 salary job catering for all financial expenses?

Life Designers University

Let me introduce you to the breakthrough that will change your life forever. Have you heard of Life Designers University? If not, you are missing a huge opportunity? This can change your status from lower or middle class to controlling your finances and owning viable investments of your choice. It is a non-profit educational platform educating the public or you about financial issues like credit, business, and entrepreneurship.
Okay, let’s break it down. Life Designers University is an online program designed to change your financial status for life by equipping you with the financial know-how and support to grow and become financially free.
The program is a life-changing 10-course system designed to make your life better. Our goal is to redirect your life and change the narration by giving you the tools to create and control sustainable wealth through credit, business, and identifying investment opportunities as they go by.

But there is more.

We have a formula and a bonus too. It is a detailed blueprint explaining the process to ensure your success. In addition, we will hold your hand throughout the process until you are firm on your feet and doing visibly well.
Your win is our win, and our goal is to see you succeed. So what do you say? Do you have time for an appointment this weekend to present the Life Design time travelers demo to you? Remember the question I asked from the beginning about your dream life? How about I tell you that you can achieve a 5-year or 10-year dream plan in ONE YEAR?
It is possible, and it starts with Life Designers University. I am available from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6am. We can set a morning meeting between 10 am — 12 pm or an afternoon meeting between 4 pm — 6 pm.

Please tell me when it is convenient for you?

You deserve a better life, a wealthier life, a financially free life, and this meeting can change it all. Hope to hear from you
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newspaper companies in florida

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