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(Veterans of foreign wars, aka VFW)

According to Greek Mythology, the first woman created was Pandora and each of the gods who created her endowed her with gifts. She was also given a box, but told not to open it, but her curiousity got the better of her and all the bad things came out, such as illnesses and many hardships. She became scared as the deeds poured out and tried to close the box, but trapped Hope inside.
Today, we don’t believe in a Pandora, but we can certainly believe in a Mother Nature who has been wreaking havoc on the earth. Not only do we have horrible fires in the west, we have tornados in the mid states, the Andreas Fault which will cause earthquakes, volcanoes that spew lava, hurricanes which slam the oceans with storm surges, cyclones, flooding rains, melting icebergs, and the ever present global warming that is causing changes to the planet more rapidly than ever expected.
But, Mother Nature isn’t our only nemesis, we have wars, bigotry, jealousy and selfishness. Now it’s time for all of us to sit back for a moment, think about how we can overcome all these miseries, then begin to take action. Already, many people have done just that by donating time and energy to assist the many people who have suffered some form of casualty, whether it be from the weather or an illness.
Our first responders along with many of our Veterans have all been in the forefront lines assisting the less fortunate. Here at our Lehigh Acres Post 4174, we had been accepting and delivering foods, water and other necessities to Posts in other neighborhoods which were hit harder than our area. Many of our members came out to help.
We’re not all about disasters now, though. We are going ahead with the Trunk or Treat to help the youth of the area have something pleasant to look forward to and we are still open for our regular activities. Sometimes, just visiting with a few friends can be part of a healing process as well as a coordination of needed help.
Our country has a way of overcoming tremendous odds by banding together in disastrous times. It is the mantra of the military which fosters brotherhood that will help us recover from all the ills besetting the country as well as the entire world. We can join forces to open Pandora’s Box to let Hope out and our post will be glad to help you do this. Join us and you’ll be glad you did!


One of our long s t a n d i n g neighbors here in Lehigh Acres is a store called Winn-Dixie, located at 61 Bell Boulevard. They instituted a special program which is called the Winn-Dixie Community Bag Program. It was launched in February, 2019 to facilitate community support with the main goal of making a difference in the community where shoppers live and work. What the program consists of is a reusable Community Bag that is purchased at the Bell location during a specific month. Each time a $2.99 reusable Community Bag is purchased, the chosen benefactor for the month receives $1 donation, unless it is otherwise directed by the customer through the Giving Tag which is attached to the bag.
Well, for the entire month of October, 2022, the VFW Post 4174 of Lehigh Acres has been selected as the beneficiary of the program by the store’s leadership, and we couldn’t be more pleased. We have long supported the members of our community in many different projects and to have one of our neighbors chose our veterans as recipients of their assistance is really showing the spirit of what community togetherness is all about.
We are asking all of our neighbors to take a ride to Bell Boulevard off Joel to shop at the Winn-Dixie store and purchase a Community Bag. It will be a way of all of us supporting our Veterans, thanking them for their service. And in case you haven’t previously visited this store, there are always some great food bargains to grace your tables. I personally find their bakery goods to be a hard aisle to pass up!
Our VFW Post 4174 has served our community, especially its youth programs for many years, and we would be honored if you would find the time to assist us in this great endeavor and make a trip to the Winn-Dixie store on Bell Boulevard. You will find it to be a worthwhile venture, a definite Win-Winn and you’ll be glad you did!


The new VFW Commander in Chief has chosen recruiting new members as his number one priority for the coming year and is calling on all members to become involved by getting a new member to join. Even here in the Lehigh Acres Post 4174, we can help the Commander, seeing as how we have a number of veterans living in our area. Now, while hog tying or roping does bring in some results, it’s not considered a good idea to use those methods. Instead, there are many easier and kinder ways to accomplish the deed! First of all, we need to remember that EVERY Veteran Counts and let that be the basis of any recruiting strategy.
Any time one encounters someone with a Veterans cap or any type of military apparel, begin by approaching them with big smile, give a fist bump or hand shake and then thanking him or her for their service. Then ask when and where they served and it will open up a conversation. Once the talk has begun, it will be fairly easy to let them know the Post nearest them is always looking out for Veterans and willing to go the extra miles to help them in any given situation. Recruiting members is beneficial to the VFW, as the larger the membership, the more voices there are to convince Washington D.C. that our Veterans deserve all the benefits and assistance we can render. We owe so much to our Veterans and in many instances, can never repay them for the sacrifices which were made on our behalf. It helps to remember that every new member will empower the VFW influence on Capitol Hill.
There are incentives in place to reward the efforts of recruiters. To earn those accolades, listening to a prospective member will give the best chance to sign someone up as a new member. Anyone who can recruit 25 new members can win a Commander in Chief belt buckle or a jewelry set . If one is able to recruit 175 members, there is a beautiful Commander in Chief Century Plus jacket. Incentives are great, but at the end of the day, it is really about wanting to share the VFW experience with all Veterans. We would be happy to tell you more about us at any time, so feel free to stop in at 25 S. Homestead Road in Lehigh Acres. You’ll be glad you did!

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