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Louis Peyko Rosmy: A Visionary Entrepreneur and Community Champion

By WesPointOfView of Kingdom Press News
Rosmy Louis, a natural-born entrepreneur, has become a larger-than-life figure in the business world and a shining example for aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals with ambitions for success. With an exceptional track record and an unwavering commitment to his community, Louis has proven himself to be an inspiring role model and a beacon of hope.
Louis’s journey towards success has been marked by resilience and determination. Despite facing numerous failures, he persevered and rose above his circumstances, starting from humble beginnings. In 2004, he seized the opportunity to move to the US, specifically to sunny Fort Myers, Florida, seeking new opportunities and a chance to build a better future for himself and those around him.
It wasn’t until 2006 that he found the vehicle of opportunity in the direct sales industry, quickly ascending through the ranks and reaching a prestigious position of Senior Vice President. He built a team of over 22,000 people in his network with the leadership support of his mentors: Lisa Nicole Cloud and the late great Joseph L Brunson.
Window of wealth is the latest direct sales company he is affiliated with under the leadership of his personal mentor Tupac Derenoncourt.
Driven by a vision to create a lasting impact, Louis extended his entrepreneurial endeavors beyond his role in direct sales.
He established PEYKO LLC, a highly regarded corporate brand (PEYKO.INFO), and became one of the top suppliers of granite, quartz, and marble in the Florida market, under a national brand.
In addition, he founded PEYKO DEPO LAKAY, a company focused on providing essential construction materials in Haiti, his native country, and PEYKO VENUE, an exquisite event center located in Fort Myers, FL, that provides employment to many, including a disabled influencer with special abilities.
Louis’ accomplishments extend far beyond his business ventures. His dedication to the community is unparalleled.
As the Chief Visionary Officer, Louis played a pivotal role in establishing the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce of SWFL Inc., an organization aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth within the Haitian American community.
This chamber serves as a bridge and cross-marketing platform with other communities that have always wanted to do business with the Haitian community but found it challenging until the foundation of the chamber in 2019. Louis also opens the door of his venue to them free of charge.
Recognizing the need to uplift those in need, Louis stepped up as a prominent leader during times of crises.
One such instance was when Hurricane IAN devastated Southwest Florida in 2022, leaving residents without clean drinking water and scarce food supplies.
Louis took swift action, acquiring trucks and vans which he and other volunteers loaded with pallets of water bottles, canned food, juices, clothing, and other necessities. People flocked to his venue and the Haitian chamber, where they were provided essential resources.
He went even further, collaborated with FEMA and SBA to secure additional aid for the affected community to come to his venue location for free of charge to get hands-on support with their benefits application.
FEMA, SBA and Lend a hand Haiti assisting the Haitian community at PEYKO VENUE
He has been nominated twice by SBDC as a distinguished entrepreneur and was a finalist for the Lee County Horizon Council 2022 Inclusion and Diversity award.
Beyond his business and philanthropic endeavors, Louis has been a pillar of personal development and mentorship. As a certified life coach, he dedicates his time to consulting with young men and women, empowering them to realize their full potential and thrive in any area they choose to pursue.
Yet, Louis is not solely defined by his achievements. In his downtime, you may find him on a golf course, honing his skills, or passionately experimenting with cookware in his home kitchen. And when he seeks solace, you might spot him on a serene beach, immersed in the pages of a captivating book.
Louis’ grand vision for the community is one of unity and success. He aspires to see all Haitian American entrepreneurs band together and build long-standing, powerful brands that serve not only Southwest Florida but reach far beyond its borders. With his leadership and unwavering determination, Louis continues to inspire us all to dream big, work hard, and make a lasting impact.
Louis created the brand name PEYKO by combining elements of his parents’ nicknames. His father was affectionately called Ton Ko, which means “Uncle Ko” in Haiti. Additionally, his mother Nasilia was known by the nickname Pèy. Thus, Louis decided to merge these names together to create the distinctive and remarkable brand name PEYKO. Watch this video for further explanation:
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And now, Louis is taking his vision to new heights. Premiering PEYKO Community Broadcasting company, the next biggest television broadcasting network to come to Southwest Florida, Louis aims to create a platform that allows his community to dictate its narrative and support those creators who come after him. With his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to making a difference, there is no doubt that Louis will once again leave an indelible mark on the business world and the community he holds dear.
Louis lives by this quote:
New chapter. Welcome to PEYKO Community Broadcasting Network. To be continued…

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newspaper companies in florida

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