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Mario L. Gonzalez Jr. talks about his businesses Life Designers LLC & Nspire Fitness

Mario L. Gonzalez Jr. a co-founder of Life Designers LLC and the sole founder of Nspire Fitness Inc., two consulting businesses that take an individualized approach to help people get on track to living the most fulfilling quality of life they can. This involves strategies for credit repair and financial mapping, as well as helping people ace their physical, mental, and financial health.
Mario was kind enough to take some time to tell us about himself and his businesses.
Hi Mario, can you tell us a bit about your background before founding Life Designers and Nspire Inc?
I was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and I grew up with my mother, father, older sister and my younger brother. At age 15, entering my senior year of high school, my parents purchased a home, and we moved to East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania in the Poconos. There, I graduated from Stroudsburg High School and immediately enlisted with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. During my 6 years of service with the Army, I served 15 months as a military police officer in Baghdad, Iraq, during Operation Iraqi Freedom. I returned from the war and began attending college at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, where I would go on to graduate and receive a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice & Sociology. Shortly after graduating, I began my law enforcement career as a Federal Police Officer with the Department of Defense, and I later moved to Virginia Beach, VA, to further it.
After falling on some financial hard times in Virginia, my goals and passions became focused around a desire to inspire, educate, and guide people. This led me back up north to New York City, where I began working in a luxury condominium in midtown Manhattan.
Determined to never allow anyone to go through the financial struggles that I faced, I was able to create meaningful relationships with a wide variety of successful entrepreneurs living in my building who were involved in real estate, finance, entertainment and investing, to name a few. These new associates later became my valued mentors and inspired me to delve right into business ownership. I was finally on track to helping people on their journey to living a fulfilling quality of life.

What are the primary services you offer at Life Designers?

At Life Designers LLC, we get practical about helping you live the quality lifestyle of your dreams by developing an individualized and personally relevant financial map for your credit repair, credit design, personal and business funding, loans, and credit lines. Our user-centric data-driven approach specializes in designing and executing the life you dream of, bringing peace of mind and clarity to your life journey.
Life Designers was established in 2015 by a group of entrepreneurs, headquartered in The Poconos, Pennsylvania with regional offices in Laguna Beach, Miami, and Atlanta. Our group dedicates their life to offering advice on the best business practices, inspiration from major personalities in business, entertainment and motivation to improve their mind and body so that our clients are in the best possible mental, physical shape to compete and reach their goals.
Life Designers offers a more individualized approach to inspiration, motivation and training by utilizing a structure that is derived by the three components needed for success which is credit, funding and investments. These components also assist the individual that is looking to meet short term goals such as an auto loan, mortgage approval, and the obtainment of loans and lines of credit.

How does your approach to professional guidance and consulting differ from others? What makes you unique?

We offer One-on-One Guidance. As a financial planning and lifestyle agency, you are connected directly with a Lifestyle Manager. With absolutely no need to speak to a gazillion different advisors to guide you on your journey, you build a strong relationship and rapport with the personal Lifestyle Manager assigned to you, who pre-empts your wants and needs.
We offer world-class quality and keep our standards extremely high. Our passion, agility and professionalism shine through our service and delivery. We offer a tailored service and create customized financial solutions for our clients. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment because every dream is unique, and so is every financial footprint. Fast, Safe and Cost-effective Our services deliver solutions and results in the shortest possible time, and always come with a safety guarantee. Our rates are fair.

What’s your approach to identifying profitable investment opportunities for your clients?

Whatever strata of society you belong to, whatever your dream life might be, our financial managers at Life Designers LLC are made up of the most devoted and versed investment advisers with your best interests at heart.
We know where to put your money, and when. From our understanding of your financial situation, we source investment opportunities in multiple markets for multiple income streams (including real estate). We provide historical and statistical data as well as analyses and reports on market trends to help guide your choice of which securities to invest in.

When did you found Nspire Fitness, and what are the main functions of the company?

I founded Nspire Fitness in January 2017.
Nspire Fitness is a fitness consulting company that encourages individuals to prioritize not only their physical fitness but their financial and mental fitness as well. We provide avenues to keep these three major components in order and in the best shape. The company does this by providing resources such as meal plans, fitness regiments, and personal training to keep our clients fit and healthy.
Nspire Fitness provides financial guidance and strategies that aid in being able to provide for your personal or family needs whilst being able to conveniently afford wants.
This type of fitness is achieved in installments by first getting them familiar with the benefits and rewards of your health decisions. After that, we aid clients in adjusting to the mental, emotional, and physical changes that stem from their new fitness choices.
The overall result of our life-changing programs is the fresh outlook on life our clients record to have of their health and how it betters them and their environment in turn.
It does not end there. We also aid in business growth and development by incorporating development processes and services such as marketing, web development, EIN establishment, click funnels and landing pages. After these stages, our brand invests in your principal goals and helps you meet your company’s needs that are essential for productivity.
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Has COVID impacted your services and/or the expectations or needs of your clients?
Obviously, COVID has proven to be catastrophic to the many individuals infected with the virus and their families. Not to mention what a nightmare it has been on the global economy.
For my businesses, it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Now more than ever, people are more in tune with their finances and their overall quality of life. It was almost as if COVID was a giant reset button and wakeup call that now has individuals looking to restructure what they thought was stable and secure.
This is where my businesses flourish. We implement the resources needed to avoid such a catastrophe and live the quality of life individuals desire under no one else’s control.
Thank you Mario for your time!
You can follow up with Mario L. Gonzalez Jr. at
Any transformative change rarely happens without a catalyst, Life Designers LLC, an American lifestyle management company, helps its clients to improve their financial management and mindset to help them live a financially stable life through its Life Design program. The company also offers a unique membership program for its consultancy services based on a user-centric and data-driven approach to improve its customers’ mindset. The experts at Life Designers help in reframing financial circumstances and ease the mind by improving mental resilience.
Founded in 2015 by Wesnel Moussignac, Mario Gonzalez, and Noelia Moussignac, Life Designers LLC is headquartered in The Poconos, Pennsylvania. It offers services using a structure with three components: credit, funding, and investments. The company approach is different from other companies and believes that there is a strong connection between financial well-being and human well-being.
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It focus on individualistic approach and offers services including credit consulting, loan obtainment, investment, funding, or branding. Through its platform, members can get unbiased advice from experts to implement their business practices to live a better lifestyle that is strategically managed by keeping in mind all the financial aspects. Experts at Life Designers use the best strategies and experiences to shape their clients’ mindset to help them reach their goals.
Life Designers has a unique book club, Health Wealth & Good Credit, where its members can access the top five books to become successful. All its members learn to adapt to a robust mentality to live a fantastic life with high financial stability that necessitates the creation of something new and better.
In its membership plan, Life Designers LLC provides its clients with Life Design Formula & Tools, Health Wealth & Good Credit club, access to Life Designers, Consultants and network, free consultation for business plans and investments, and Financial & Business meeting representation. They offer truly an actionable advice on how to build healthy financial habits and resilience during any unprecedented times.
Life Designers LLC makes available customized services related to credit design, loan obtainment, personal and business funding, investment and income opportunities, company incorporation, and personal and business branding. Clearly, it is making a big difference in the lives of its clients by helping them live a life with a robust mindset as well as high financial stability.
The Life Design Time Machine is really nurturing the ability to do the work that matters.

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