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Review on Credit Strong: Hit or miss?

Saving money can be a difficult task for some individuals. A bad credit score doesn’t tell well and most times, people are always looking for possible ways to unlock their life goals and at the same time have a strong credit.
As you know, most lenders always prefer to use FICO scores to enable them make a decision. So, if you are determined or willing to make the necessary adjustments to your credit score, then one example to achieve it is with the use of “Credit Strong”.

What is Credit Strong?

Credit strong is more or less a bank that helps you save for personal or business targets. The main aim of credit strong is to not only build credit, but also help you save as well.
With the use of credit strong, those who have bad credit and those who have targets that they would want to achieve have all been able to scale through their targets and greatly improved on their credit. Features of Credit Strong
Here’s why we and so many others are of the opinion that credit strong can’t be compared to other saving or building credit platforms.
Quick application process: Credit strong doesn’t waste time to complete the application process. The application is done in minutes. Also, once you’ve completed the process, there is an instant bank loan given to you. In addition, the placed funds are well insured in your name.
Progress can be tracked: One good feature that credit strong has is that they enable you track or monitor your progress for free!!! Each month, a monthly FICO score is provided as majority of lenders always make use of a FICO score before coming to a conclusion.
Enables you to make monthly payments in bits: Another interesting feature is that you can make small monthly loan payments. Credit score always ensures that your payments are being reported to the three credit bureaus. That way, you are certain to build your credit history as the months go by.
Savings can be unlocked: Before you can unlock your savings, it is expected that your loan must have been fully paid. Once that is achieved, your savings account is fully restored as the lock would have been removed. This way, you haven’t only saved, but also built credit along the way.

What Are The Loopholes on Credit Strong

It’s not fail safe: While they encourage you to work on your credit score, they still expect you to meet up payment deadline. Failure to meet up deadline would mean you get reported to the credit bureaus.
They aren’t everywhere: It would interest you to know that credit strong can’t be accessed in some states. Examples are; Vermont, North Carolina
Possibility of credit score dropping: At first,, you might notice an initial drop on your credit score when the credit bureaus are informed of your installment loan.

What are people saying about credit strong?

The general consensus about credit strong is that they don’t really need a credit card before they build their credit. A lot of people have positive things to say about credit strong. This makes it a hit rather than a miss. Lastly, if you need some additional information, why not check Credit Strong.
Click this link Credit Strong.

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