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Secrets On How To Add Aged Primary Tradelines To Your Personal And Business Credit Report



Chapter 1
Secrets that well-known credit gurus deploy to build their customers’ credit.
Chapter 2
How to file a note/agreement accompanied by UCC 1.1
Chapter 3
Sample of a promissory note
Chapter 4
How to fill out a UCC-1
Chapter 5
Releasing the collateral.
Chapter 6
Sample of a security agreement
Chapter 7
Another Way out; A corporation
  • 7.1 What you need to set up a corporation
  • 7.1.1 Business address
  • 7.1.2 Nature of business
  • 7.1.3 Social security number
  • 7.1.4 Type of business 7.1.5 List of officers
  • Chapter 8
    The icing on the cake


    In life, the successful ones usually have the edge over the unsuccessful ones. This edge could be in the form of a secret or an ability that not everyone has. Guess what? We have here for you on a platter of gold an edge over others. Something others have known that have made them more successful than you. Now you get the chance to be as successful. This content is one of the biggest secrets used by renowned credit gurus to build their customers credit. Don’t be marveled yet.
    Scroll down and as you step into financial enlightenment.


    This information will show you how to add personal loans and leases to your credit report. Banks adopt this technique as well as auto dealers and property managers. Article 9 of the commercial code has provisions dealing with secured transactions. Secured transactions refer to any transaction where the collateral is used to secure terms. This is technique will teach you how to create a UCC that you will eventually use in your credit file.
    Credit bureaus are connected to a public filing database. This database updates every 24-72 hours, automatically receiving all liens and bankruptcy information after it is filed at the federal, state or county level. UCC financial statement happens to be a form of public filing usually filed with your local county register’s office. As part of their investigation, credit bureaus check public records. The reports of these public records affect your personal and business credit rating. How to file a note/agreement accompanied by UCC-1
    This is how it works.
    Two or more parties enter into a loan agreement and make it legal by signing and notarizing it. The secured party (the party giving the loan) then files a UCC-1 to show that the collateral has been secured. N.B. a UCC is a financial statement that shows that collateral is held between parties for an agreement between the parties. The UCC is available to the public.
    The UCC is then amended to show that the collateral is being released as the loan is paid gradually just as it is stated in the agreement. Eventually, the UCC is terminated upon the full repayment of the loan.
    For better understanding, I will use an illustration. Mr A request a loan of 10,000 dollars from Mr B. Since A trusts him to pay back, he agrees to loan him the money on the condition that Mr B will file a UCC-1 and show some collateral to secure the loan. Mr A requested the loan for three months. Hence, Mr A did not charge any interest.
    Mr A used a bike, some computer equipment and an old car as collateral. They agreed that A would pay back $3.333.33 a month for three months. They decided that property would be released each month after payment till the payment is terminated. They also agree on the order in which they will be issued. Mr A tells Mr B to keep possession of the property but only collects their security numbers.
    After reaching all this agreement, they reduced it to writing on a piece of paper. The paper (agreement) lists the collaterals as well, making it a security agreement. Then they proceeded to a local notary to get the promissory note (that piece of paper) witnessed/signed. After this Mr B gives Mr A the money. What is now left is for Mr B to fill out a UCC-1 financing statement for that agreement that they signed.
    Before Mr B files a UCC, he must go to the local courthouse to get the original agreement registered with the county. This is at your local County Register’s office. In case your county gives you a hard time registering the agreement (because some of the local counties can give you a hard time if the promissory note does not involve real estate) simply file agreement alongside your UCC-1. Then after each month of loan repayment, the UCC-1 is amended to reflect the refund and the eventual termination of the secured agreement after three months. I know that the question on your mind right now is, has this improved anybody’s credit report? Let me explain that to you promptly.
    When the creditor files the UCC-1, a file number is created which can be referenced to the UCC-1 and is also linked to the agreement relating to the UCC- 1. So any investigating credit bureau will find that UCC filing against the person (or corporation – for business credit). This will urge them to find the agreement related to the UCC and know what the UCC transacted. It’s only that agreement that has details of the loan agreement. Hence, the Bureau can get a clear picture of your financial position by checking the UCC and its corresponding agreement. In our above illustration, the UCC-1 filed by Mr B will be trace to the agreement. Then the monthly payment if followed, will be recorded monthly. This will show how the collateral was released monthly and the eventual termination of the UCC after full payment. As a result of this Mr A’s credit report will develop a solid trade line.
    How do you bring this kind of transactions that have improved your tradeline to your Credit report? This very simple. There is a section for UCC in all credit reports, whether personal or business. So the UCC-1 and agreement/promissory note that has been made for your transaction reference for your credit report. When the Bureau pick up this public records and find out that you cleared your debt and recovered the collateral when due, your credit line is improved. Please note that it is usually the trade line of the debtor that is improved. How do you get the necessary documents?
    This is very simple The UCC financing statement form can be obtained from the website of your county Register’s office or from the office itself. What you have to do is to fill in the appropriate information. The main purpose is to record the particulars and descriptions of the collateral that is used to secure the agreement. The office of the Register is there to help you file the UCC. The agreement or promissory note, on the other hand, is what You can write by yourself. You don’t need a lawyer to do these things.

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