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The Value and Risks of Melanin:

Unmasking its Calculation, Extraction Methods, and the Dark Realities of the Black Market

By: WesPointOfView
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In recent years, there have been startling claims regarding the value of melanin, with calculations reaching as high as $445-$550 per gram, resulting in an average black person being worth $40 million. This article aims to explore the origins of these calculations, the factors determining melanin’s value, the risks faced by black people in relation to this perceived worth, and the methods employed to mine melanin for commercial purposes. Furthermore, we will shed light on the murky world of the black market and the implications of trading this valuable commodity.
Understanding the Calculation: Melanin’s Worth and Determining Factors.
The notion of melanin being worth hundreds of dollars per gram traces back to the scarcity and demand within various industries. However, it is essential to approach these calculations with skepticism, as they often fail to account for the complexity of human value and the diverse factors influencing individual worth.
Determining the value of melanin as such accessibility, entails considerations Such as manufacturing costs, accessibility, legality, and cultural significance. The rarity and unique properties of melanin contribute to its perceived worth, particularly in industries such as cosmetics and medicine where it is utilized for its aesthetic and medicinal properties. Additionally, the cultural significance of melanin within communities has further inflated its value.

Risks Faced by Black Individuals: The Dark Side of Melanin's Worth

The claimed value of an average black person’s melanin content raises concerns about potential risks faced by individuals due to this perceived worth, especially when considering the alarming number of black people who go missing each year, estimated at over 100,000. While it is crucial to view these claims with skepticism…
While it is crucial to recognize that the claim of melanin’s monetary value does not directly result in a black person being targeted or commodified, it does raise the specter of exploitation and dehumanization. The idea that one’s worth is reduced to the melanin content in their skin perpetuates harmful stereotypes and contributes to systemic racism. Black individuals may become targets for violence, abduction, or illicit harvesting due to the misguided belief in the financial gain associated with melanin.
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Moreover, the fixation on melanin as a commodity detracts from the inherent dignity and humanity of black individuals. It reduces their lived experiences, contributions, and achievements to a simplistic metric that fails to capture the richness and complexity of their identities. This devaluation perpetuates systemic inequalities and hinders progress toward true racial equality.

Extraction Methods: Exploring the Dangers and Ethical Implications The commercial extraction melanin involves complex processes that range from natural methods to more invasive procedures. Natural extraction methods often involve utilizing plant sources that contain melanin, such as certain types of fungi. However, these methods are limited in their yield and cannot meet the demands of various industries.

On the other hand, more invasive extraction methods involve dermatological procedures and surgeries. These methods carry significant risks and ethical concerns. Unscrupulous individuals may resort to illegal and dangerous practices, exploiting vulnerable populations to obtain melanin by force. Such practices not only violate human rights but also pose severe health risks to both the donors and recipients involved.
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The clandestine trade in melanin reveals a disturbing aspect of the global black market. It is an unregulated and exploitative industry that preys on marginalized communities and exploits their bodies for profit. The lack of legal oversight creates a breeding ground for criminal activities, including abduction, human trafficking, and torture.
This illicit trade perpetuates the commodification of black bodies, perpetuating the historic exploitation and dehumanization of black individuals that has persisted for centuries. Moreover, it reinforces harmful stereotypes and fuels racial discrimination, as melanin becomes a sought-after item in various underground markets.


Melanin’s worth extends beyond mere monetary calculations. While it possesses unique properties and holds cultural significance, reducing its value to a financial metric undermines the humanity and dignity of black individuals. The risks faced by black people due to this perceived worth are deeply concerning, warranting awareness and action to combat the systemic racism perpetuated by such beliefs.
It is imperative that society rejects the narrative that reduces individuals to their melanin content and instead celebrates the diverse beauty and contributions of black individuals. By dismantling the notion of melanin as a commodity, we can strive towards a more equitable and just world where all individuals are valued for their inherent worth, regardless of their physical attributes.

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