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“They Came Before Columbus” is a groundbreaking work that challenges conventional narratives by highlighting the African presence in ancient America, thereby shedding light on the true history of civilization and black people’s vital contributions. Delving into the book from a philosophical perspective not only unveils the rich tapestry of human history but also inspires readers to explore untold stories and broaden their understanding of our collective past.


In a world where history has often marginalized the voices and achievements of black people, “They Came Before Columbus” serves as a beacon of knowledge and empowerment. Ivan Van Sertima’s extraordinary book compels us to question the dominant narrative of history and invites readers to embark on an enlightening journey through time, revealing a hidden African presence in ancient America.

Challenging Assumptions and Unveiling Ancient Connections:

Van Sertima masterfully intertwines archaeological evidence, linguistic analysis, and historical accounts to present a compelling case for pre-Columbian African voyages to the Americas. Through his meticulous research, he highlights the striking parallels between African and American civilizations, unearthing shared linguistic, cultural, and technological aspects that defy conventional explanations. By challenging assumptions of a Eurocentric worldview, Van Sertima encourages readers to reevaluate the origins and interconnectedness of human civilizations.

Restoring Agency and Empowering Voices:

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One of the most remarkable aspects of “They Came Before Columbus” is its emphasis on restoring agency to historically marginalized communities. By recognizing the African presence in ancient America, Van Sertima reclaims the rightful place of black people as key contributors to the development of advanced societies, long before Columbus’s fateful voyage. This empowering perspective encourages readers to reevaluate their understanding of history, fostering a sense of pride and appreciation for the accomplishments of black ancestors.

Broadening Perspectives and Inspiring Curiosity:

Through Van Sertima’s engaging writing style and thought-provoking analysis, “They Came Before Columbus” awakens a thirst for knowledge among its readers. The book’s exploration of ancient African seafaring capabilities and their impact on global history invites us to question traditional narratives and seek alternative viewpoints. By immersing ourselves in this compelling work, we not only gain a more profound understanding of the past but also cultivate a burning curiosity to uncover other overlooked chapters in human history.


“They Came Before Columbus” is a captivating book that challenges preconceived notions, unravels the mysteries of ancient America, and restores agency to black communities. By approaching this work from a philosophical perspective, readers are beckoned to delve into the awe-inspiring journey it offers. Van Sertima’s meticulous research and compelling storytelling illuminate the African presence in ancient America, providing a broader understanding of our shared human heritage. This profound exploration of history serves as an invitation to all who seek enlightenment, empowering them to embrace the rich complexities of our collective past and ignite a passion for untold historical narratives.
Written By Author: Ivan Van Sertima
Book Review by WesPointOfView

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newspaper companies in florida

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